Your Busiest Days:

          There is  no one who can tell you that every day of your life, God will give you time for a quiet time with Him.  

     There are situations in the military,  in prison,  if your home on fire, when you have twins with diarrhea, in medical emergencies, and many other times.  So, this is not a legalistic or religious ritual.

     The simple fact is, you were created to rely on The One Who created you for the purpose of fellowship with Him.  So, if your private time with Him is not active and you are not seeking Him daily, you are walking in a heavy fog, and need a Lamp unto your feet and a Light unto your Path.    (Psalm 119:105)

     Soldier, do you have any idea how many Christians do not have a consistent private prayer life?   And, so few take in His Word daily.

      This is not about maintaining a perfect record. This is about the Pursuit of God.   This is about priorities.

     A devotional life is a commitment.
     It's a much bigger decision than having a baby.  Or deciding on a career. 

     Soldier, we are preparing for Eternity.  We are talking about Forever.

     You must come before Him and declare your intent so that the Indwelling Holy Spirit can remind you and encourage you in this area.

     No devotional life, no Lordship.  And the absence of a devotional life always leaks out of the mouth.

      Tell Him.  today.


     Tomorrow:  Our Time: