Always Something:

     There is always something.

     It's natural to crave calm and even scramble for calm when things are awry, when someone misbehaves, or when there is illness.  The soul screams for truth and justice when there is false accusation or misunderstanding.  It is like an invisible infection when a child is self-destructive.

     The natural thing is to writhe and buy into the illusion that there can be no peace until there is calm all around.

     It is supernatural to live and walk in the Sabbath Rest.

      For the one who has once entered His rest has also rested from [the  weariness and pain of] his [human] labors, just as God rested from [those labors uniquely] His own. Let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest [of God, to know and experience it for ourselves], so that no one will fall by following the same example of disobedience [as those who died in the wilderness].

       Hebrews 4: 10-11 (Amplified)

     Satan is a drama queen.  He loves to get things stirred up, and  we are remarkably quick to rush in and try to fix everything.   If we can't fix it, we have to rehash the problem over and over either aloud or in thought.

     The earth is travailing and groaning, waiting for His coming.  Until He reigns on this earth,  there will always, always be something standing in the way of circucmstances remaining as we think they should be.

     The Soldier of The Cross who enters the Sabbath Rest is the one who determines in prayer he or she will be a Psalm 91 Soldier and dwell in the Secret Place of The Most High.  There, that Soldier is an observer only.

     It's true.   There is a Place to experience His Shelter.  The doorway is obedient prayer and the desire to look up, rather than agonizing over all things around.

     Tell Him.    Walk in the Light. 
     Tell Him aloud.