Soldier, you know all the right answers, and you know the verses.

     Be the warrior who watches while drinking from the water. (Judges 7:5)

     The battle is in the mind, and the enemy does all he can to make you feel something negative.  Unless you realize what is happening, you are had!

     Irritation is the result of negative thought. It is also a form of anger.  Panic is usually the experience of a satanic attack.  There are physical conditions that can be controlled, but it is not the common experience for the Soldier of The Cross.  The enemy loves to make the Soldier angry at another believer.  His favorite thing is a Christian with an angry tongue.
     Much discouragement is the enemy's projection to the mind of impending or current failure.

     This world is not your home.  You are a sojourner and a pilgrim.   This means soaring through today, or slogging through today.  Either one could be a victory.

     Be vigilant and pray about this matter.
     Today.  Aloud.