Blessing and Money:

     The teaching that God's blessing is manifested in financial gain is a cancer in the Christian community. 

     It is not noble to be poor, and it is not a disgrace to have much.  The issue is,  the money is His, not ours.

     God is no man's debtor.

     One of the most neglected yet often quoted verses in the Bible is Matthew 6:11;  "Give us this day our dally bread . . ."

     In teaching the disciples to pray, the Lord made it clear that our provision is to be prayed in daily.   This is rare in all of Christendom.

     When we have plenty, we forget to pray for provision, and we tend to think of the money as belonging to us.  When we don't have enough, we wait until bills are not covered, and then there is pleading and panicky prayer for money to cover the immediate thing.  that is usually followed by letting "certain" people know there is a financial need.

     There are always financial surprises, and no where in the Bible is there one word that promises wealth if you support a particular ministry or person.

     The money is His, and the tithes and offerings need to come right off the top even if there is not enough to meet your on-paper need.   There is a promise about His provision when the first fruits are yielded up to Him.

     Soldier of The Cross,  if you are waking up in the night worrying about money, obviously you are being attacked.  That aside,  learn to pray in the finances.   It results in faith.

     Do it aloud, and do it each day. You must learn to be dependent, not independent.