No soldier when in service gets entangled in the enterprises of [civilian] life; his aim is to satisfy {and} please the one who enlisted him.

     II Timothy 2:4 (Amplified Bible)


    Are you in Service?  Resisting distraction is something that must be exercised all the time.  Things are constantly hurled at us , and it isn't about ducking - it's about seeing the difference between what is eternal and what is a hologram from hell.


     We need each other.  There are no Rambos in His Service.  No one can move freely through the Pilgrim Journey without the support of others. Even those who have spent long seasons in solitary confinement will tell of the encouraging things the Lord did and those He sent.


     Remember Adino the Eznite who stood alone before 800  of the enemy and killed them all?  Is it possible that rows of angels simply stood and watched passively?


     The biggest distractions are the things that are either unfair or that seem impossible.


     If we could see the unseen, we would operate differently.  The fact is, we have been created to  live by faith.  


       Faith has to be exercised.
     Faith means there is always an unforeseen crevasse that is too wide to cross and there is no bridge.
    Faith means picking up and moving on because He Is and because He Said.
      Faith means  sometimes appearing to stand alone.


      We are never, ever alone


      Soldier, Look up.  Always Look up.
      And move on.