Energy For The Battle:

     It is about every hour of every day.

     The things you do well, you tend not to pray about.  This means that you are fragile and vulnerable in those areas.

     Without the fresh Word of God, there is no fuel or light for prayer.  Without prayer, you are naked in a snow storm of the enemy's illusions and holograms.

     So Soldier, buck up and make it a life priority to have a devotional life.  I am one who always wants to share what I have learned in my devotions.  My husband is not like that.  He never talks about it, but the first thing every morning, he takes his Bible and disappears for a while.   And ladies, if he didn't, believe me, I would never consider trying to be his devotions police.  Don't ever go there.

     This is about you and your habits.  Your longing for the Lord.  Your need for intimacy with Him.

     He is always waiting for you.  Do you really believe He delights in you?    It's true.

     Feed on His Word and then meet with Him.  No matter what you have been taught, it does not always have to be the first thing in the morning.  It just has to be.  If there is an emergency, no momemtum is lost if you miss a day.  But get back on track.

     It is about your pursuit of God.  This must be the priority of your life.    When women tell me their children are their first priority, I always say that is a huge and most serious mistake.  Big, big mistake.  You can't have wisdom for raising your chidlren if there is no private time with the One Who holds The Stars in Place!

     Soldier, talk to Him about this so that you can have supernatural help in getting time with Him.

     Do it aloud and do it today.