Supernatural love is a no-matter-what thing.


     It may not always feel like it, but we would all acknowledge that God loves us all the time and without condition.


     Many, however, are quick to say they cannot love unless the Lord gives them some special provision. 


     There are times when it seems impossible.   There is always unfairness, misunderstanding, insensitivity, and some people actually enjoy seeing others suffer.  We live in a fallen world.  When you are repulsed, you are repulsed.


     We don't live by feelings or according to what the other party has done.  We live according to the Word of God.


     Wisdom comes by prayer and there are no formulas.  For example, what do you do when the offender takes pleasure in untruth and uses every possible opportunity to make things worse?    Sometimes Love means you are given Grace for the current damage and pain and  the Grace to do or not do,  according to the prayerful insight He gives concerning the situation.  There is no point in running up to hug the coiled, venomous snake who will surely strike again.


     The issue is, you have no idea what is beyond your sight and experience.  Is the Lord free to use you?  To flow through you?


     Corrie ten Boom tells the story of running into a man after speaking in a meeting.  As he came closer, she recognized him as a a cruel Nazi who had been unbelievably brutal to her sister.  The bile rose in her throat.  Worse, there was a look of thrill on the man's face and she could see he wanted to embrace.  She was caught.


     Corrie had just been speaking about Love.  About Grace.  And she had pre-determined  (daily in prayer) to be heaven's representative.


     She could hardly bring herself to do it, but she made her arms raise and met his embrace.  In that moment, she was healed from the blistering resentment and flooded with Love.


     You have no idea what He will do.  His Love is sure and He will flow through you. 


     Feeling is never the issue. 
     The past is never the issue. 
     The Dirtbag is never the issue.


     Love is always the issue.


     Tell Him you are available.  Tell Him in prayer - aloud.