Lord, as I stand before you tonight, I agree with Your Word; I am not my own provider.


     I know whether or not I have work, I must pray in my daily bread.  Please open my eyes to see that while I must be diligent and responsible, all things come from you.


     You told me you know about each sparrow that falls and that you clothe the lilies of the field.  


     I know you are vastly wealthy  and I tend to pray about finances as though you were limited. I sound like a beggar instead of a Son.  Oh Lord, teach me to be Spirit-led in praying about money.


     My longing is to serve you without distraction and to step away from desperation when things look bleak.  Conversely Lord, I don't want to splash in inappropriate relief when there is abundance.  I know it is all yours and I am only the steward.


     Change me Lord.  Teach me. 

     My Lord and my  God.