Name and Claim?

     There is no Cross in "name it and claim it"  Christianity.


     This life is not about having things and getting what we want.  It is about being transformed so that our desires line up with His.


     At the same time, the declarations of the tongue are critical to the Christian life.  We are not Pollyanna, but we choose to live in His faithfulness over what we see,


     Laziness and/or ignorance cause Believers to fall into the trap of wanting ease or earthly satisfaction.


     The bottom line for us is that we know He wants the best for us and will led us into the richest freedom if we take up the Cross and follow Him.   Anything less is not good for us.


     Those who are willing to trust Him will taste this freedom.  I have never met anyone who said "I wish I hadn't obeyed the Lord."  I have certainly heard the opposite many times.


     Soldier, the power is not in prayer - it is in the One who hears prayer.  Those who need to do war dances don't understand who He is.


     Agree with Him today.  Aloud.  Stand before Him and recommit to taking up The Cross and following Him.