Our Strange Lord:

     All we know is all we know.

     He does things that are so strange to us and we call them miracles.  Like, turning water into wine.  How strange is that? And,  after the guests were well sated.

     What about the floating ax head?  Or the flour and oil that wouldn't quit.?   Maybe the Red Sea dividing so His people could walk on dry land?

     Who can explain Jericho?

     We could go on and on.

     The Resurrection changes everything.  It makes the things He does seem normal.  Not average, just normal.

     You know these things are true, because the One who did them came to reside in you.

     And, He's never leaving. 

     Soldier, that Resurrection Life is yours, and you need to gaze upon The One who rose from the dead.  Get to a private place.  Look at him.  Talk to Him.  

     He is waiting for you.

     Do it now.  Aloud.