In a world that is spiraling toward the end, the outstanding mark of the believer who is walking in the Light is Love.


     Such a Christian has learned to sit at the feet of a Sovereign Lord and by experience,  has learned there is no good way but His.


     That Soldier of The Cross has Peace.  A Peace that attracts some, and drives others crazy.  Without this Peace, there is no supernatural, uconditional  Love.  They are bound together.


     There is no such thing as a strike from heaven that results in this Peace.   Peace comes from experiencing God in the midst of trials.  It comes from choosing His Word over what we see.  It comes from agreeing with God even when it appears that His way guarantees the wrong result.


     Soldier, when the going gets tough,  The Tough get on their knees and  lay it on the Line:


     Oh Lord, I want your way no matter what.  I submit to you regardless of anything anyone else says or does.  I stand on Your Word. 


     Tonight Lord, I take hold of the Hand outstretched to me and I will gaze upon you rather than the storm.


     My Lord and my God.