Sometimes it does take one to know one.


     Those who take up the Cross and follow hard after Him are recognized by other Soldiers of The Cross.


     Water seeks its own level.


     Oh, Soldier, spend time with those who are gazing upon Him, talking about Him,  and are willing to pay the price to be with Him.


     It is not a super-human effort.  It means a welcome for the Holy Spirit to kneed, convict and reveal.  It is for the Soldier who hears the knock and opens the door in order to sup with the One who holds the stars in place.


     Be available.  Be ready.  Be in prayer that is fueled by God's Word.  He brings His Own together and He is Present.  On this globe, there is no greater pleasure than enjoying Him with others who long for him.


     After thirty seven years of serving Him, I am still amazed that Grace went after me and won me.  It is not hard for Him to bring his Soldiers together, in order for Him to be especially Present with  and among them.


     Soldier of The Cross, tell Him.