Power is not a feeling.


     Real power is a River of Living Water, gushing from the center of the Soldier of The Cross who is learning to be a Living Sacrifice.  Apart from this taking up of The Cross there can be no power.  It is His Life being revealed rather than our concept of feeling effective.


     Many confuse strong ability with power.  They are not the same.  The only strong ability that reveals power, is the ability to obey Him. We need His strength in our weakness- not our strength because of our weakness.


     Soldier,  the burden must be put down.  It happens when there is yielded prayer - prayer that pleads for transformation, regardless of the cost.  There must be  deliberate prayer concerning learning to recognize Him.  To be changed.  To be like Him.


     Have you ever been around someone who is willing to lay his life down for the Brethren?  To be misunderstood, to be passed up?  Someone who has learned not to pout or whine?  Not to be a respecter of persons?


     Soldier, you have permission  to seek the Lover of Your Soul, in Whom is all power.   You have complete access because of His Blood on the door post of your heart.


     That is Power.