Praying Aloud:

     Unless there is some imposed restriction, there must be prayer that is aloud.


     After one or two specific requests, silent prayer usually dissolves into wool-gathering and then dissinigrates entirely.


     Vigorous prayer lives are not that common, but they are the result of letting the Holy Spirit lead in the formation of thoughts and selection of words.  the Lord often speaks to the Soldier of The Cross through words  offered in prayer.       


     He who is The Word specifically leads and cleanses in this way.


     There must be verbal adoration.  Verbal confession. Verbal intercession.   Verbal submission.  Verbal agreeing with God.


     Yes, He intercedes for us and fills the gap when words can't be found.


     Yes, there are situations such incarceration and  hospitalization that make it difficult to have this kind of privacy.  In and with Grace, He attends to those Soldiers.


     Folks pray while they drive, while they clean, while they walk. 


     There must be another time that is set aside for a private time with the Lord (carefully watched by the unseen world) for the Soldier to approach the Throne of Grace.  He or she will be led in prayer for eternal impact.


     Tell Him today.