Same Old Story:

     Soldier of The Cross,  God's Word is still the bottom line.


     You need it and it has to be fresh.  Daily.  Even perhaps read outloud. Elisabeth Elliot once told me the Bible could be read aloud in fewer than 80 hours, and that a Believer ought to consider reading it aloud during the quiet time.


     You want to hear from Him?  He is always speaking.  He is always leading.  He knows each tiny detail and He sees the splinters that feel like they will never come out.


     The most important thing for you to remember is, this world is not your home.  You are trying to resolve things as though this were the end.  You know better, but the feeling is so overwhelming.


     We always need to hear His voice.  His word.  Read it.  And, maybe  out loud. 


    If you are a Believer, start with I and II Thessalonians.


     Declare to Him you are His, and that you will be a Living Sacrifice. 


     Are you a Soldier or are you not?  Tell Him.