Times of Trouble:

     We who are His, fall prey to the same emotional turmoil as do those who don't know Him.


     It isn't possible to go through life without being upset.  Nor is it possible to reach some kind of spiritual level that insulates from vigorous distress.


     A Provision has been made so that we have choice.  Walking on the water is the result of the Soldier who has prayed about how to live.  How to react.  How to see reality.  How to wait.  When to speak and when to be quiet.


     Then at the time of the storm, the Holy Spirit reminds that Pilgrim that the One who calms the winds and the sea is extending His hand.


     Soldier of The Cross, you have chosen a path that is not common.  You may not live according to your emotions or according to what you see happening.  You must live by the Word of God.


     He who prays much about how to walk before God and man, is one who can be supernaturally serene in the face of the unthinkable.


     Many people say "I never could have gotten through it without the Lord. . ."  Well, most do get through it with or without the Lord, but most do not understand that suffering is sweetened by submission and obedience.


     Oh, Soldier!   Tell Him today.