What is Real:

     What is the Bottom Line?


     We are here to make decisions.  Decisions that determine eternity.


     Soldier of The Cross, as you get older, it gets harder to  be available for the adventure of faith.  Are you going to settle in with the habits that are comfortable, or, are you available for whatever He wants?


     Are you a living sacrifice, or are you not?


     So, may He have your children?  Do you trust Him?
     May He  guide you in your marriage, or must you ask for change according to sight and your limited experience and learning?
     Can you tell him He is in control of the finances?
     How about the serious misunderstanding?

     What about your past?  Is there any reason you can't give it to Him?


     Soldier of The Cross,  when you stand before Him and declare these matters aloud, there are no exceptions.  It is about His Word.  His Will.  His Way.


     Nothing else. No one else. 


     Give it up to Him and do it aloud.