the Year of Service:

     He didn't die and then defeat death just to improve your life.


     He is preparing you for Eternity.  He is healing your land.  He is restoring your soul.  He wants to reveal Himself though your life. 


     When was the last time you told Him you want to be a Living Sacrifice?  Are your children yours or are they His?  What about your  money.  Is it yours to spend as you like, or is obedience involved?  If all is His, why is there so much worry and frantic effort to fix everything quickly?  How much do you need the aproval of others?


     Soldier of the Cross, we all need to be regularly reminded of the basics: 

     The best followers make the best leaders;
     This world is not our home;
     There is  no walking in the Light without the freshness of God's Word, which fuels prayer;
      There is always another closet in the heart that needs to be unlocked and healed.

     There is no Life apart from taking up the Cross and following Him.


     Lord, please change me.  My need for you grows all the time, and I long for you more and more.  Please do whatever needs to be done in the deepest part of me in order to make me more like you.    For this next year, I fully commit to serve, love and follow you.