Your Mission Field:

     Feeling useless?


     The home is the most immediate mission field and next is the Church.


      At home, it is easy to fall into familiar operations, casual and careless statements, and thoughts that assassinate others.


      Then there is the Church. The Church is filled with weak sinners, saved by Grace.  We are to lay our lives down for each other, and it must be beyond human concept.  It must be done in and by prayer, self-sacrifice,  and requires the death of the flesh - The Cross.


     Both of these precious institutions are always under attack by the enemy.  Sometimes worse than others.  Both of these offer opportunity to die to self.  To put others first.  To reveal the supernatural Love that flows through His Own.


     Soldier of The Cross, your sacrificial service is desperately needed - to bind the enemy and to reveal Jesus.


     If you are called to go, go.  In the meantime, He will  illuminate and empower you as you are more and more available.


     Tell Him.  aloud.