What Others think:

     One of the most successful crevasses the enemy uses to invade is, what do others think of you?

     For many, the issue is credentials. For others it is appearance. Perhaps it is behavior. Usually is, do they agree or disagree?

     For the Soldier of The Cross, this cannot be an issue.

     Yes, you are not to be a stumbling block.  And you are  to point others to the Lord. 

     I am speaking only of the insecurity that comes when others disapprove, or when there is a fear of disapproval. 

     For those in "Full time Christian Service"  there is always the concern about financial support.   Maturity often forces that hand, but it is an issue for all Soldiers.

     What are you depending on?
     To whom must you prove yourself?
     If that one or those several do not agree with you, what is the cost?

     Soldier, you have been given as assignment fro God.  The One who holds the stars in place has issued a directive, and there is nothing that can touch that. In Glory, you do not account to any one else.

     Take it to Him and do it aloud.