God is No Man's Debtor:

     What is money?  

     I have heard the wealthy say they feel poor, and must continue to gain more in order to feel secure.

     Very few Christians consider praying "give us this day our daily bread . . ."  So, because of a lack of prayer about this matter Believers often suffer needlessly.

     Soldier of The Cross, your investment must be in eternity.  This does not mean you can't have money.  Of course you must save, and investment is wise.  However if you should lose every cent, you must predetermine that the money is not yours, but that you have been a caretaker of it for the Lord. 

    Financial security does not come from having a lot, it comes from obedience.   The Bible makes it clear that giving is a huge part of financial security.   Those who give out of obedience are also those who know how to pray in their daily bread.

     The New Testament sets forth the obligation for the Believer to support the local assembly as well as other giving.

     Soldier of The Cross, that money is not yours.  f you don't' learn to  pray in your "daily bread", you will have the feeling that it is yours and comes from your own efforts. 

     Resist emotional please for money.  Support the local church - I am a big proponent of tithing.  It's a great place to start.  Then, give as the Holy Spirit leads.  Often you will be led to give what seems to be all you have.  It it is the Lord's leading, He will more than supply your needs, as He has promised.

     Is there one verse in the scriptures that justifies worrying about money?

     If you have a great deal and tomorrow there is another great depression,  predetermine that you are relying on His Provision, not on your bank account.

     There is no security like that of learning to lean on the Everlasting Arms.  Either His promises are reliable or they are not.

     Most do not pray about money until they think there is a crisis.  Prayer about our financial needs should be daily.  That is what we are taught by Him.    

     Do it today.  Aloud