The Secret of Life:

     The secret of life is the pursuit of only one thing.

     There must be an affirmative decision to make it the pursuit of God

     Many say He should take first place. But they have so many other things on the list, there is a deafness to Him. The nature of the flesh is to do anything to avoid discomfort, and to scramble to restore it when it is interrupted.

     The flesh loves control.
     The flesh covers up what it considers to be imperfect.
     The flesh constantly compares itself with others.
     The flesh always wants to change the past.

     The enemy flashes all of these on the screen of the mind. Then, these things pour out of the mouth.

     You are a Soldier of The Cross, and that means you have told Him you will take up the Cross and follow Him. There is no turning back.

     There is no freedom anywhere else.
     There is no Peace anywhere else.
     There is no fellowship of His Presence anywhere else.
     There is no Light anywhere else. 

     Soldier, it is one foot in front of the other.  One minute at a time.  

     Fueled by the Word of God and submitting all in prayer (aloud), look up and move on!