Your Choice:

     While things around you seem so difficult, the Indwelling Holy Spirit empowers you to choose  according to God's Word.

     Even in grief, misunderstanding, false accusation and extended dearth, there is choice.

     We are always on the move.  Eternity is already Now.   

     The most effective way to deal with emotional pain is to be aware of your countenance and reach out to comfort or encourage someone else.  Resist the temptation to think and talk about  the situation.  The more you think and talk about your problems, the more likely you are to fantasize a solution or fill in the blanks about someone's motive.

     Of great importance is the duty to pay attention to Now, and to look for opportunities to minister.

     Consider the apostle Paul.  Imprisoned.  Beaten.  Deserted, he tells us.  Yet, his letters explode with ministry to and concern for the Brethren.

     You are serious about taking up The Cross and following Him.

     Get out there and do it.

     Tell Him today.  Aloud.