Time With Him:

     It never gets easy.

     Because of the profound value of time spent alone with the Lord, the flesh always resists, and so often the enemy throws up interference and distraction.

     Although a spiritual exercise, it is really first a physical effort.  The getting alone, opening that Book, and then letting the Holy Spirit lead in prayer.  If the prayer is not aloud, it almost always turns into wool-gathering. 

     It must become a habit.  Inasmuch as this time is so attacked, making this a habit results in a protective fence around the devotional life.

     A curious development has taken place in the modern Church:  with the advent of music and scripture posted on a screen in front of the assembly,  there is no need to open a Bible.  No need to bring a Bible.  So, compared to previous generations, many lack even the most basic familiarity of The Word because they simply never physically open it.

     Without this time with the Lord, there is no power for the Battle;
     Without this time with the Lord, there is no Light to see what is real;
     Without this time with the Lord, there is little if any wielding of The Sword;
     Without this time with the Lord, there is always self-doubt instead of momentum;
     Without this time with the Lord, the perishable seems more real than the eternal.

     Soldier of The Cross, we are on the move.  There must be fuel for the journey.

     Meet with Him today- and talk to Him aloud.  Always, we must be praying about our relationship with Him. I heard one of today's most highly respected apologists talk publicly about the effort it takes him to be consistent in this area.

     It never gets easy.

     Now, look up and move on!