The Ministry:

     If you have decided to serve the Lord with all you are, whatever that means to Him, you are in full-time ministry.  Every Christian should be in full-time ministry.     

     Are you in prison?
     In a nursing home?
     At home with children?
     Digging ditches?

     Years ago, I knew a young man who was movie-star handsome.  He was working on a PhD and was well-funded, having come from a wealthy family.  He needed something to do, so he got a job caring for a man who was quadriplegic.  One day I saw him looking quite miserable and when I asked him what was wrong, he said "I had to quit.  The guy was just so happy.  How can he be happy when he can’t even feed himself?    Jesus this and Jesus that"

     I have not seen that fellow for about 45 years, but I can guarantee that the handicapped man's life had a lasting impact on my friend.

     Before I came to the Lord I was doing music studies in Rochester, New York and had to mail a package.  In the basement of a nearby department store, there was a tiny room where packages would be wrapped for mailing.  There was one worker there.  He was probably in his late 60's and his hands were so badly gnarled, it wasn't possible to see all his fingers.   He was spilling over with real joy.   It made no sense, except having been raised in The Word, I recognized immediately it had to be the Lord.

     Here's a big one:  my father was married to a wretched woman.  My mother was an angry, serious personality disordered, and abusive wife.  If she had had her way, there would have never been a moment of peace.    I'm sure it was never easy but he was always joyful and sang and whistled.  He was always talking about the wonderful things God did in the lives of those he knew and he never missed an opportunity to minister to someone.  At his funeral, a number of people in the line greeted me saying, " Your father led me to the Lord at work".  Or " I am a Christian because of your father."

    When I first came to the Lord I got excited when I heard a certain fine musician was a Believer.  I couldn't wait to meet him and when I finally got a job in Boston where he also was playing, I sought him out and was excited to let him know God had touched me.  He said "Let me be clear:  I am not a Christian who is a musician.  I am a musician who is a Christian."


     Soldier, stand before Him and declare each day you will serve Him and that you are not your own.  Make room for Him.  Do it aloud.

     Then look for someone to love.