Because He Is Real:

      His reality changes everything.

     It means your money is not your money.
     It means He is listening to every word that comes out of your mouth and that is formed in your head.
     It means your days must be committed to Him and your hours guarded whether that means wisely working or wisely resting.
     It means learning to forgive.

     It means loving the unlovely.

     And, because there is nothing else worth pursuing, it means taking up the Cross, the place of the death of the flesh, and following hard after Him.  That is process different for you than anyone else.  It is intensely personal and the Indwelling Holy Spirit has a custom-made journey for you.

     We can all learn about truths and agree with them.  Being transformed is a whole different matter and requires experience with God.

     How incredible it is that He is real.  

     It means more than I can take in.

     It changes everything.

     Tell Him how wonderful it is that He is real.