Press On !

Soldier, when there is a particular effort of the enemy, the resistance can be physical as well as spiritual. We live in a fallen world, and only the Lord is Omniscient. Most of the time, we do not have the inside scoop on what the enemy is doing. There are times, however, when resistance seems so overwhelming, it becomes difficult to talk, move, or even execute the most mundane tasks. For the Soldier of The Cross, this is the time to consider the possibilities. We do not know what the enemy is allowed to do. But we do know that his efforts are like a hologram, in that if we resist, he will flee. Recently, I was barely able to get through the day physically. I felt like I was swimming through peanut butter, just to get from one room to the next. I usually work about 16 hours each day, but I was collapsing in the middle of the day and had to sleep for several hours. After seeking the Lord about it, I was convinced that it was the enemy. I determined to fight it through and resist. One day after lunch, I could barely move. The worse it became, the more I was convinced that it was not necessary. I began moving vigorously, singing, praying, and launched into a pile of work. Within twenty minutes , the siege passed, and I was able to work freely. Soldier of The Cross, your life is not your own, and your body is not your own. There are times to slow down and there are times to lunge in with all you have. Learn to follow the Lord. Those who walk in the Light can see. There is much to do. Be sure you are waiting on the Lord for every aspect of sustenance.