A Chance to Die:

   All of Elisabeth Elliot's books have wonderful titles: "The Liberty of Obedience;" "Keep a quite Heart;" "Through Gates of Splendor;" " Love Has a Price Tag" and many others.    My favorite is her biography of Amy Carmichael, "A Chance to Die." What a glorious name for the life story of one who is determined to be a living sacrifice. In her study, on the wall that is most close to the ocean, Elisabeth placed the brass cross that Amy Carmichael had on the wall at the foot of her own bed during the years of her crippling illness. The cross was placed strategically, so that Amy Carmichael would be constantly reminded that the illness was a love gift from the Lord.    There is a process to the ". . . less of me and more of Him. . ." and it is The Cross.    The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh. The place where the Lord deals with self. Where He deals with the things that seem to be impossible to shed. The Cross is taken up willingly. It is taken up because there has been a realization that there is only one life, and it is to be lived in obedience and in complete submission to the Lord.    This process is not possible without a supernatural work. It is not possible until the Christian Soldier has presented himself in prayer. It is not possible until there is a longing to be a disciple. To be with Jesus. To follow Jesus. To know Him, and the power of His Resurrection.     There are many who simply will not take up The Cross. The religious aspects of Christianity are beautiful to them. Being right is beautiful to them. Being comfortable is beautiful to them. Being admired is beautiful to them. Perhaps they long for financial security. There is often a worship of family. There is always a desperate need for control.    Is He beautiful to you? What are the things you love about Him? He wants to make His likeness in you. Do you want that? There must be the work of The Cross.    When you tell the Lord you are willing to be a disciple and that you are willing to take up the Cross daily, He responds beyond human comprehension. He longs to show you infinite treasure and Glory. He longs to sit and sup with you.    He who is preparing a place for you is not calling you to a gauntlet of hardship. He is leading you into intimacy with Himself. He who gave Himself for you is not waiting to pounce in order to make visible victims of all those who will follow Him.    He wants you to put your burden down. He wants you to stop feeling guilty. He wants to free you from the flesh. From the self-life. He wants to to know the love of the Brethren. He wants to lead you through his Word, so that you can see Him clearly. He want you to know His touch. He wants you to lead others to Himself. He wants you to see Heaven.    Soldier of The Cross, He has asked you to take up The Cross daily because He wants you to know the freedom that is in Him.    For God so loved the world. . .    Soldier of The Cross, He longs to reveal himself to and through you.    This is not a one time thing, although there is a beginning to the Cross Life. It is a daily matter. Tell Him each day that you will take up the Cross. Tell Him you are willing for His deepest work in you. Tell Him you will not count the cost. Tell Him He can do anything with your life.    Tell Him aloud.    Tell Him today.