We Are Just Passing Through:

   We know that this world is not home.    We are sojourners and Pilgrims, and it is critical to keep that fact in the forefront of our lives.    There is so much to distract.  The gravity of comfort is louder than the confrontation of age or  loneliness.  The older we get, the louder the call to settle in and resist growth or change.    The faithful taking in of God's Word inoculates the Soldier of the Cross against putting roots down in to this brief life.  At the same time, the Bible brings Light to the prayer time and brings perspective on all things.  This means that the Christian who is in the Word and is prayerful, is free to enjoy everything.  He can enjoy even the smallest things with a greater freedom than the person who knows he is heaven bound, but just can't let go of control.     Freedom comes from sight.     Sight comes from walking in the Light.    Walking in the Light comes from being in the Word and in honest prayer.    Look around.  What do you see that will not decay?   Is there any human relationship that will not change in heaven?     Do you know where your Treasure is?    Soldier of The Cross, we are to live each day with the assumption that He is coming for us immediately. We must attend to those around us.  We must have clean hands.  We must be full of His Word.  We must be about our Father's business.    We must be looking for Him.