Never Alone

I enjoy my office so much. It has been many years since I have had real privacy, and I am a terribly private person. Far more than most.

I can come into the office and when the door closes, no one will come in unless he is admitted. It is a large space and every piece of furniture has been prayed in. There are beautiful oriental rugs and lovely furniture. I have fresh flowers, and everything is neat (or at least everything except an occasional desk explosion.)

Today, I have a lilac scented candle burning all the time. It is the only place in our nineteen room missionary guest house where nothing is moved by anyone except me.

No one watches me. I work all the time and attend to each matter as it comes in without supervision.

Yet, even in my office, I live in transparency. The beings in the unseen world watch every move I make. Every breath I take. My idiosyncratic movements and expressions are closely examined.

I am never alone.

Far beyond that, I have a Savior. I have a Lord whom I love and serve. He attends to each little thing. When I approach Him in prayer, I am aware that there is nothing in my life that is truly private.

Love furnished this office.

If He wants to, Love can take it away. It really belongs to Him. Love watches me always. Love is there with the Everlasting Arms beneath me.

Love is waiting for something to correct, because I am being prepared for heaven.

Love prods me to go beyond my comfort zone. Love parades the needs of others before my eyes. Love never, never leaves me alone.