May not be a Scoffer

A Soldier of The Cross may not be a scoffer.

One who is honest in prayer, one who is determined to Serve The Master, one who is confessing sin, that Soldier may not allow his or her mind to dwell on the faults of others.

If there is disobedience to the Word in this area, the Christian will begin speaking ill of a brother or sister. Thoughts get entrenched in circles of speculation, wonder and fantasy.

The Word of God must be on your mind and in your mouth.

Why would you waste time on anything that is not in agreement with Him? Why would you fail to invest in eternity?

Christian Soldier, you will see things according to the way you have prayed. If you have prayed about the matter according to God's Word, you will, over time, see things as God sees them.

Watch the tongue. Watch the thoughts. Honor The Word.