Refuse Distraction

Refuse distraction.

God's Word presents a record of numerous Servants who refused to look away.

I am always struck by Paul. In the conditions well-known to be horrid, he was in prison, in coupling chains, and was deserted by most who had formerly claimed to be friends or supporters.

He was beaten and falsely accused. We know nothing of his family. It certainly seems that he might have mentioned it, had he had contact with family.

Extra-biblcal accounts tell us those prisons were cold and food was either bad or absent.

Yet, Paul pressed into his calling. He attended to the churches collectively and to individuals as well. It is evident that the Church was far more important to him that his own uncomfortable situation.

It is reasonable to assume that Paul experienced many discomforts that we will only learn about in heaven.

Soldier of The Cross, what is the thing that is most distracting to you? In fact, do you recognize distraction? Do you think it is acceptable to focus on the negative? Does negativity dominate your thoughts? Your conversation?

The Cross is the great leveler. Death is death. If you are dead unto the world and alive unto Christ, you are free.

This happens in prayer.

Maturity considers God's Word first and circumstances second. Gaze upon the things that are eternal - the things that count to God.

There is nothing else of eternal value.

Are you in some kind of prison today? He can set you free right where you are.