"The beginning of Wisdom is, get Wisdom. . ."

There are those who desperately want to be perceived as being wise. There are those who are engaged in the thrill of the hunt. There are also some who want to satellite around those who are perceived to be wise.

Soldier of The Cross, Wisdom is a Person. When we walk in the Light, we see what He sees. Love rules. There is security.

We know what we are taught - that in this life, we do not have the capacity to understand it all. We can't even take it in.

Wisdom begins with obedience. It begins with the avoidance of foolishness. This is possible because God's word identifies foolishness clearly.

I have been with people who were not educated, not brilliant and not articulate. Yet, as they reflected His Presence on the countenance, it was not hard to see an absence of rebellion in their lives. Absence of stubbornness. Absence of negativity. Absence of offense. Absence of a need for attention. Absence of the need to achieve. Absence of wound-licking.

Presence of Jesus.