If you have decided to serve the Lord no matter what, and if you have asked to be more like Him, you will already have run into one or more Christians who intend or have intended to do you harm.

     When I first met the Lord, a wise man told me that if I were  going into Christian service (that can be diaper-changing, as it is The Cross that matters), I should be prepared to see the ones I helped the most try to hurt me the most.

     How grateful I am to have been warned of this ahead of time.  It has certainly turned out to be true, but this is one of the things that can be pre-determined;  betrayal happen and it  must not slow you down.

     A living sacrifice does not lie on the alter and then whine about how he or she is being treated.

     There is work to do, and nowhere in God's Word does it say that the Soldier of The Cross will be protected from the dirtbags of this world.   It is the eternal that is protected.

     The enemy would do anything to slow you down and have you lick your wounds.  He invariably uses Christians, and most of the time it is a woman.   This is particularly true in matters involving the local church.

     Soldier, take Him at His Word.  No one can harm you  - everything will wash out in eternity.  For now, love much more,  pray much more, and do the thing in front of you with all your might.

     Commit this to Him in prayer.  Do it aloud.