How did you ever get here?

     You prayed about it. You followed the Lord, you have done and are doing your best, and yet things appear to be getting worse.  In fact, it cannot continue this way. 

     All around you there are monuments to your commitment.  People.  Investment.  Children, especially.  What can you do?   You are offering up desperate prayer all the time.

     There is deliverance.  Stop letting your mind whirl round and round about the situation and treat it as though you had only a few hours to live.  Do the next thing before you with vigor and trust.  Let Him have room to make something out of nothing.  Let Him have room to do the impossible. 

     His solution and deliverance is something not possible to imagine.  So, stop trying to imagine it.  You will find a soothing peace and a confidence in His attention to the situation.

    Leave it with him, and do it aloud.  Even if it is every hour. 
    Do it and make sure it is aloud.