He is The Prince of Peace.

     So, why are so many Christians in turmoil most of the time?  It seems that Believers are often more conflicted than others.

     Soldier of The Cross, we have the Indwelling Holy Spirit who leads, comforts, is the source of Power for the  Believer,  and He gives Wisdom.  He does and provides even more. 

     The problem we all have is that so often we simply operate on our own and are not willing to step out on the Promises.

      When Peter walked on the water, the Bible says he was able to do it.

              "But when he saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, "
                                      Matthew 14:30

     And of course, when Peter cried out to Jesus, a hand was immediately extended to him.

     We have something Peter didn't have at that time - the Indwelling Holy Spirit to guide and to comfort. 

     So much is available.  And He really does want us to taste the supernatural Peace available to us.

     Soldier, you must rip your attention away from the winds and the waves.  Bask in The Word.  

     Take this privilege for yourself in prayer and cling to it.  Ask to be sensitive the the leading of The Spirit.

     Do it aloud.   Take the Hand extended to you.