Peace in a Troubled World:


     The battle is in the mind.

     We are to be aware of what we are thinking and we are to do something about it (II Corinthians 10:5.)

     Soldier of The Cross, we must always be reminded of the basics. How did David encourage himself in the Lord? (I Samuel 30:6)

     We have no idea, because we are all so unique.  One thing is sure - David did not draw encouragement from his circumstances. He didn't evaluate things and decide maybe God could fix everything. It appeared to be all over! He had to have gone back to basics.

     Is He real?
     Can He be trusted?
     Do I want to writhe and flop about this, or should I agree with God.

     You are not a resident of this world. You are just passing through. That's why you  need the "Lamp unto your feet" and the "Light unto your Path."

     This is not just an act of the will: there must be deliberate prayer about this. I can't will myself into resting in Him. There must be seeking Him in prayer. There must be submission in prayer. You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide, and to reveal Jesus.

     Soldier, interestingly, much suffering is the result of the thought life.

     Agree with God.