Always Something:


     Many things can be predetermined.

     For example, it is possible to give your possessions to the Lord and to do it quite deliberately. It is possible to decide you will be gracious to an exceptionally rude and insensitive relative or colleague. It is also possible to determine that your money is not your own, and that it will not rule your life. These matters must be taken to the Lord in prayer. Then at the time the crisis arises, the Indwelling Holy Spirit will remind you of the commitment.

     But, there is always something that is completely unexpected, and often it is misunderstanding or false accusation. Of course, there is never adequate preparation for the heartache of betrayal or the death of a loved one.

     When we are standing with Him in eternity we will understand all and we’ll have perfect release and healing. Not before. In the meantime, it is critical to remember we are Sojourners and Pilgrims, and our vocation is Love. My avocation is being a musician and a lawyer. But my real job is to come before Him daily and tell Him I will be a Living Sacrifice. Then, He must be allowed to change me, and that is never painless.

     Soldier of The Cross, you have made the decision to follow Him no matter what. So there is quite a bit of "no-matter-what" coming your way. You are on display. All around you watch you, as do the unseen hosts all around.

     Tell Him you will learn to quickly run to Him and give Him whatever is hurling itself at you. Do it now and do it aloud.
Then, look up and move on!