This World Is Not My Home:

     Some of the most widely accepted truths seem to get sifted out of daily life.

     For the Soldier of The Cross, Eternity is more real than Time.

     Investment in Time come in forms that ambush us: 

        Desperately wanting someone else to change;
        Focusing on finding a solution instead of  telling the Lord His time and His Way are best;
        Trying to fix yourself;
        Longing for affirmation the approval of others;
        Setting goals for other people (including our children).

     The list is endless.  While comfortable circumstances are just that- comfortable, we are asked to take up the Cross and follow Him with consistency.  When we agree with God, the Indwelling Holy Spirit gives perspective, and that means we see that burdens are to be given to him rather than set down and enshrined.

     Soldier, it is one day at a time. One hour at a time.  In obedience.  With His agenda as priority.  When this happens, there is a flow of Love that is Heaven's own richness.

     We are to look away unto Him.  Only then are we available to receive the wisdom needed to deal with this life.

     Tell Him you will agree with Him.  Tell Him you will take up The Cross and follow Him, and always ask Him to continue teaching you what that means.  

     Tell Him aloud.  Today.