About Finding Relief:

     When you agree with God about a matter, He will bring you a reinforcing reassurance and further revelation on the submitted matter.

     For example, if you make the choice to tell Him you will be content instead of yearning, straining and complaining, He will tell you that if there is something you don't have now, it is something you do not need now ( A friend reminded me of that of that yesterday.)

     He is eager to lead those who are eager to follow.

     Is it attractive to you to take up The Cross and follow Him?  That means the death of the flesh and the pursuit of God.

     You are not on your own.  Remember you have the Indwelling Holy Spirit.

     You are an adopted Son.  You are of the Royal Race.

     You are being watched by all of the unseen.  

     Do the next thing.  Govern your thoughts.  Regulate your countenance.  

     Make sure you are afresh in The Word.

     And make sure to tell Him you will agree with Him.  Aloud.