Real Peace:

     There is no Christian nirvana where the Believer is no longer rattled by things.

     But there is a Sabbath Rest (Hebrews 4.)

     There is supernatural freedom when the Soldier of The Cross agrees with God and yields to the surgical knife of the lover of his or her soul.

      Firstly, is God's Word true?
     Then, does God listen?
     Is He consistent, or can He be distracted?
     Is He possibly unaware of the extreme results of the situation?
     Do I need to know why, or can I agree that He knows far better than I and that It is ridiculous for me to see if I approve of His reasons?
     Does He really provide what I need or am I being neglected by Him?

     The seen and the unseen worlds are watching you, and the thoughts you choose in your most private moments are the thought that will rule your life.

     Listen to your own thoughts and choose words that agree with God. Look at Him. Tell Him why you have decided to follow Him. Let Him know you want to be changed.

     Remember, the most hearty Soldiers are needed for the most vigorous battles. You keep slinging that Sword and let Him do the rest.

     And sing. At the top of your lungs. It drives the enemy away.

     Peace is not a condition, it is a place from which the Christian lets God be God.

     Tell Him
     Today. Aloud.
     Keep moving.