The Frontier of Faith:

     Faith will take you place that common sense will not go.

     Your walk of faith is unlike any other.  There is no duplication. 

     Most Christians are reluctant to allow the Lord to bring them into the fullness that awaits the eager follower. 

     It is not easy for the flesh.  The flesh kicks and screams for predictability and wants assurance that all will go well.  The flesh craves the approval of others and  fights a vigorous battle to try to get it.

     You must decide what you want. 

     What is beautiful to you? 
     What is eternal?
     How available are you to be led by the Indwelling Holy Spirit?
     Do you actually believe Hew can be trusted?  

     Soldier, there is no possible way you can even imagine what the Lord has for you.  He will never lead you into anything that is apart from His own Life. 

     If you really, really believe He can be trusted and that His Word is true, you can be like the leaf on the tree, available to be taken wherever the wind wants to take it.

     What freedom.

     This will never happen without deliberate affirmative prayer that involves telling the Lord you want a faith-walk and that you will follow Him.

     Tell Him aloud. 
     Right now.