The Word:

     No matter what you want, there is no sight or hearing apart from the fresh taking in of the Word of God.

     In addition, there can be no fuel for prayer without the taking in of His Word.

     This is about the basics.  Like all else in this world, the basics determine what is supported by  structure.  This means that absent the most basic of spiritual disciplines,  all else is fragile.

     Soldier of The Cross, do not compromise in this area.  Having a problem with private prayer?  We have all been there.  Get into the Word.  Read it aloud.  Then ask the Lord to reveal Himself and go to prayer.  You will be amazed.

     We all need to be changed.  It cannot happen without a supernatural work of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and He never barges in uninvited.

    You need insight having to do with your children?   Do not look to the world system.  Look to the Word of God.

     Oh, Soldier of The Cross!  Let Him know you want to be changed.  Then, prepare for the divine and glorious test.

     What do you want?

     There is nothing else worth having, and certainly nothing else worth fighting for.

     Tell Him right now and do it aloud.

     Then, move on and do not look down!