That Tiny Tongue:

     "I just couldn't help myself- I had to say something and it just came out of my mouth!"

     Control of the tongue is a raging problem in the Believing community.  Unlike modern psychology which promotes expression of just about everything,  God's Word contains verse after verse about setting a guard on the mouth.

     For most, it begins in childhood, and parents are remarkably slack about dealing what comes out of their children's mouths.   And of course, so many children hear parents constantly and are accustomed to hearing complaining, bickering, gossip and worse at home.

     Soldier of The Cross, words are critical to the Christian life.  After all, He is The Word. 
                         "He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God."
                                                                          ( Revelation 19:13, Amplified Bible)

     It is not an easy habit to change, but as soon as you begin to study the verses and pray about it, you begin to hear yourself.   This is a change that brings healing to the obedient Soldier, and freedom to those around him or her.

     It is critical.  We can be led in all areas, including all speech.

     Bring it to him today.  Aloud.