Our Ever The Same, but Never The Same God

     How wonderful that we can be confident in His being the same yesterday, today and forever.


     Yet, everything He does is different than He has ever done before.  When He answers prayer, it is always different than expected, and with dimensions that could not have been imagined.

     Many refuse to pray for the impossible, not realizing that all He does is the impossible.  Those who know Him well, recognize Him quickly, but most have other explanations. 

     Two may be praying for the same thing to be done for each of them.  They may use the same words, and both may seem to want the same result.  He never duplicates Himself. 

    Faith is a frontier.  The prayer of faith is one that launches a trustful request to the One who knows so much better how to articulate the need.   Resist the urge to describe to Him how the prayer should be answered.  In so doing, some pray amiss and miss a greater blessing.

     Soldier of The Cross, it is about His design and His method.  We are not responsible to craft the answer.  We are to make our requests known, and then we are to look for Him.   

     There has to be a momentum to each day- it is the taking up of The Cross and the following of the One Who knows where to go and how to get there..

     Tell Him today.  Aloud