Following Him:

     You have crossed The Line.

     That means you have made the eternal decision to be a Soldier of The Cross, and to follow Him. 

     It means you want to be changed into His likeness. 
     It means you want to be a minister of Life and Love.
     It also means you are willing to tell Him daily that He may do absolutely anything with your life.

     Of course, you can't do this on your own.  So many try, especially those in "full-time Christian service".  The result is big time burn out and disappointment.  Or worse. No matter what your daily schedule is, once you have crossed The Line, you are a full-time Soldier of The Cross and have a full-time ministry.  Even if you are bedridden.  Even if you are incarcerated.  Even if you are in an abusive situation.  Old and young, it applies to all who are available to follow Him.

     You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit who without a doubt will lead you through the days and hours if He is allowed.  But, make no mistake -  His leading is not to guarantee success in everything or to avoid devastating situations.  Often wisdom comes from messing up.  Sometimes we have to choose a course that closes up to us or reveals something we know is off.  Those are precious times and the sting allows us to learn to choose wisely and follow a better path. 

     The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus.  We need to be seeing Him in private worship time and it is the Indwelling Holy Spirit who lubricates that time and opens our eyes and our spirits.

     Soldier, this is not about avoiding storms.  It is about passing through the storm by faith, and that is a learning process. 

     You were not designed to be independent.  You were designed to lean on the Everlasting Arms.  Ours is a protected learning process for those who will be led by the Holy Spirit of God.

     Get in The Word.  Not all second hand, but for yourself.  Memorize verses or pieces of verses and say them all day long- one per day.  You will be amazed what the Word of God does in the mind. 

    Is your life yours or is it His?

     You must tell him.  Aloud.
     Then, look up and move on!