Is He Really:

     Is the Lord really the center of your life, or is your life the center of your life?

     In order for Him to be first, there has to be an ongoing pursuit of God.  In much of my contact with missionaries and pastors, I have found it is too easy for most to hit the ground running each day and neglect the devotional life.

     His correction must be precious.
     His Word must be fresh, otherwise prayer is stale.
     The desire for Him to make any change needed must be consciously embraced and expressed in prayer.
     The smallest task must equal the greatest honor.     

     If I am to be made into His likeness,  I must take up The Cross and follow hard after Him.  That means the death of the flesh-  a disciplined mouth, disciplined thoughts and the pulling away from the things that cheapen a godly life.  

     There is a cost, but the Peace is glorious.

     Soldier, tell Him all the time.  Tell Him what you love about Him.  Tell Him what you love about those who love Him.  Corporate worship is just a gesture unless there is private worship first.

     Tell Him aloud.