Do Not Lose the Moment.

There are many reasons we are told to live as though He were coming for us immediately. Taking hold of the reality means making the conscious decision to move without baggage. It means a heightened awareness of the lost. It means a different use of time. One of the most important things in awaiting His coming is, living in the moment. It is easy to live in constant distraction. We are pulled this way and that, and we live in a fallen world that screams for our attention. The flesh is spoiled and reactionary, demanding attention and promoting its cravings. The enemy is constantly lurking, conniving and hurling flaming arrows. Soldier of The Cross, the time must be redeemed as we pass through it. What redeems the time? Obedience. When we tell the Lord He can have our lives completely, the heart is open and available to His Presence, His Word and His Will. Heaven becomes more visible that the things we touch with our hands. He is free to Love through us because we are not frayed from trying to solve everything. We are able to refuse the urgent in order to yield to the important. He said He would lead us with His eyes. And, so He will.