Cross the Line!

   The Crossing of The Line sets the Soldier of The Cross apart from other Christians.     There are those who have decided to leave this world behind.  They don't look strange, nor do they abandon practical daily activities.  These Believers have simply decided that God's Word is true.  They have made the decision that their lives no longer belong to themselves, but to the Lord.    These Christians have goals that are eternal.  They pray in agreement with the request that the body be daily yielded up as a living sacrifice.  They agree with God about the mouth.  They agree with God about time.     These Servants are faithful and devoted to the Body of Christ.  They are quick to visit prisons, the ill and the elderly.    Their eyes pour out love, because they are full of God's Word and are walking in the Light.    Their money belongs to the Lord.  The things they buy with that money belongs to the Lord. Their families belong to the Lord.  Their reputations belong to the Lord.    When the Lord allows devastating things, they thank Him, even though they feel weak and shaky.  They have decided to trust Him, no matter what.    They are not perfect.    But, they have crossed The Line.