No Matter What:

      Soldier of The Cross, remember that those in ministry must assume there will be constant hits.

     Meaning that even Jesus was insulted, scoffed at and ridiculed.  

     I love it that Mark gives us interesting details about these things.  When the woman with the blood issue touched the hem of His garment, the disciples immediately assumed he could not tell who had touched Him in a special way because the whole crown as pressing into Him.

     Then, when he went to heal the daughter of Jairus, those around laughed when He said she was only sleeping. But they certainly did not laugh when she got up and ate!

     Soldier, He called you and He appointed you.  You must learn to not react so badly when you are challenged or when someone is aggressive against your ministry.  All of heaven and hell understands what is going on.  You don't need to understand it, but you must acknowledge your calling and therefore you must acknowledge your protection.

     Are you called to be a stay at home mom?  Is that less important than any named evangelist?   

     Obviously, no.

     Soldier, we are all in the same line.  Will you move forward when called?  That is the issue.  No looking around.  Answer the call each day and each hour.  Fill yourself with the Word of God and march!

     Tell Him over and over what you love about Him and why you want to serve Him.
     Do it aloud.